About Shannon “J”

I love the life the Lord has provided for my family and I! I have been happily married (most of the time…lol) for over 20 years (December 28th our anniversary) and have three beautiful gifts from God in my children.

I am mainly a stay at home mom with a huge God chaser heart, but I do work occasionally during the school year as a substitute aid within our school district in life skills and learning support classrooms. I love these kids who see the world a bit differently. I know I learn more from them then they do from me!

I love to bake, cook, decorate, write, and I enjoy friends who like to sit and shoot the breeze over a nice hot cup of java with something yummy from the oven. This blog, Grapevine Wreath is all about these things which reveal my simply graceful living.

Click on picture above to get this yummy recipe!

I will cover topics from what I grow in my garden to decorating ideas to inspire all to put a pumpkin out in the fall!

Click the picture above to view Day 1 of Fall Bliss!

 I end each post with this saying…Happy graceful living!


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