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I love to decorate my table for Thanksgiving and even though Turkey Day here in America is two weeks away, I couldn’t help but start having some fun with my dining room table.

I first started with layers of fabric in different textures. The bottom layer was some bridal lace topped with a nice long runner down the middle of the table in a darker shade of burlap. This was followed by weaving some homespun checked material and just plain white muslin. The different textures combined keep your eye moving. Oh by the way…all the material I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics for approximately $35.00!

Layered material with different textures

I have this big old drawer with beautiful knobs on it that I purchased for $12.00 at my favorite shop called, Meant to Be, in DeWitt, Iowa! I have used it for many things, but decided to use it as part of my tablescape this year with real gourds and pumpkins arranged inside of it and added some silk flowers to soften it up a bit. I love the result!

Simply LOVE the drawer!


Happy graceful living!