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I have been busy working on some creative items for my first ever Holiday Open House! I’m so excited about these cute…classy…simple oranments…I had to share some pics with you!

Stamped Muslin!

Did you notice that old spool in the picture wrapped in some velvet ribbon and embellished with some beads! I’m not satisfied with the over all look of the ornament, but it’s a start and I will being tweaking it a bit!

A vintage look!

This is my favorite stamp on the muslin thus far. I don’t even know how I came up with this idea, but I love it! Just a stamp on muslin. The unfinished edges give it that sort of country/vintage feel. The sky is the limit when making these ornaments with the amount of stamps out there!

Great gift topper!

 My friend Betty loves this ornament the most! The Holiday Open House will actually be at her home. She too is working on some special things!

Stay tuned the invitation will be posted soon!

Happy graceful living!