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The kids had a very long weekend off from school. Not only do they get Monday off for the Labor Day holiday, but they also got Thursday and Friday off this past week. I really wanted to do something with them all, but the age range of my three children almost 17 down to 10 years old makes it a bit of a challenge. So I decided to take them to a local orchard to pick some fruit! My oldest didn’t like the idea so much, but consented when I said, “If you want to do the things you want to do, sometimes you have to do what mom wants everyone to do.” It did help that I said he could drive!

So we headed to Weaver’s Orchards which was a fairly short trip of twenty-five minutes from our home. Let me say it was just lovely in every way from the fruit we picked to the friendly employees! We picked raspberries, pears, and a couple different kind of apples including sumptuously sweet Honey Crisp apples! I would encourage all who live in my area to go to Weaver’s website by “clicking” on Weaver’s Orchards above in green. They have some great fall activities for the family and plenty of fruit to pick. I’m looking forward to going back in October and getting some farm fresh Granny Smith apples! Oh may I also mention it is a great photo opportunity for your kids as you can see from my pics below!

The Little One loves raspberries!

Raspberry Picking

Plump and Sweet

My favorite pic of the day!

Awww...I like this one too!

Golden Delicous in the hand of the quiet giant

My girl...no...God's girl!

Happy graceful living!