“Wednesday Wonderings” is a day in which I will share places I frequent such as shops, flea markets, antique store, blogs, or other sites to help inspire you to live gracefully as much as they have inspired me!


To meet these two gals you will have to take walk and bring your cup of coffee along and meet them … “At the Picket Fence…two homes, two sisters, one blog . Vanessa and Heather (the sisters) are inviting everyone to join them tomorrow at “Common Ground” to help Heather with her design challenged dining room. This event is where blog land comes to the rescue to give advice to an uncertain soul for a wall, room, vignette, or mantle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

On another note…here is a little sneak preview of what tomorrow is going to bring here at Grapevine Wreath…

See you tomorrow! Happy graceful living!