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I was a little late in posting yesterday, but family duties called and I had a date with the bills for the month…ughhhh!!! But it was a good day despite my poor math skills…lol…that’s why I like to blog and decorate.

So today I thought I would just post some pics of a display I put together with some really cool second-hand finds in hopes of inspiring you to some of your own graceful living ideas! Enjoy!

The items sit upon an old telephone box which I found at an antique market in Clinton, Iowa. I bought the box for $12.00…don’t you love the dovetailed corners and leather handle! On top of the box are two white ceramic pieces I bought at the Goodwill here in Pennsylvania just a few minutes from my home. I just fell in love with the pitcher ($2.97) with the monogrammed “A”. The smaller ceramic piece (.99) was quaint and I though it went well with the small pitcher. The linen on top of the box was given to me by my mother who picked up a whole garbage bag of linens at an estate sale near her home in western Pennsylvania.

A topside view reveals the color of my blood…BLACK AND GOLD BABY!!! As a child, growing up just 35 minutes outside the “Steel City” (Pittsburgh, PA) you can’t help but love the Steelers!