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Every Monday I have decided to post a, “Memory Moment”, here at the Grapevine Wreath. Monday segments will be ways to build memories with your children and ways to embed images you wish never to forget deep within your heart.


The fall season will soon be upon us. It is one of my favorite times of year and I probably decorate more for fall than I do for Christmas!

I found these wood letters at A.C. Moore last year for around fifty cents a piece. I saw them on clearance last week for half the price at the same store. The letters spell “pumpkins”. I had my husband drill little holes in the top of each letter large enough to fit some twine through.

Lightweight wooden letters from A.C. Moore
~Some supplies you will need

Most of these supplies I already had, but I also purchased the wooden beads at A.C. Moore as well. And then my children started to paint each letter with a base coat of off white color.

Then I watered down some orange paint in a bowl and mixed it well with a spoon. I then lightly brushed the paint onto the dried off white foundation color and then quickly wiped of more color with a paper towel.

After these dried, I took a paint brush and put a light amount of black paint on it (brushed some off on a paper towel before doing letters) and stroked each raised letter in a downward direction until I got the effect and amount of color I was happy with. Don’t be upset if some of the black gets on the background. I think it makes it look more authentic.

I strung my twine through the holes and added some beads…and this was the end result!